SG Racer -  Danielle Behn
Sledbrand:      SnowGirl Arctic Cat

Class:120 Champ, 300 Freestyle  

Hometown:     Waupaca, Wisconsin

When was your first race?:    Merrill, WI - January 2003

Full-time Job.:     Not Yet!

Years snowmobiling.:   6 years

Goals for this season.:   Finishing first in points and beat the boys!

Favorite course from last year.:  Weyauwega, Wisconsin

Career highlights.:   Making every final, finishing 1st in points and being
                                     the crowd favorite

Off Season Training:  Racing Quads, Bicycling and swimming


SnoCross Snowmobile Races
USSA Racing Circuit

Plymouth, WI - 4th
Eagle River, WI - 8th
Antigo, WI - 8th
Weyauwega, WI - 1st
Watersmeet, MI - 3rd.

2nd in Freestyle - Overall Points
3rd in 120 Champ - Overall Points

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Racer Weekly Update
2/15/2008 - Monthly update

Hi Laurie,
It’s me Danielle #873, last weekend I raced in Fountain City WI, it’s the last city before you get to Minnesota. The track was very nice so I could go pretty fast. And guess what!? I took 1st place on your Snow Girl sled. That means I’m going to be points champion again this year!!! Girls rule! I also took a second on my FreeStyle sled, I’m pretty sure that means I take a second in points on that sled again. Everybody tells me that’s really good against all boys. And I like the pink Mohawk because everybody tells me it looks cool. I’m sending you some pictures of me too. That’s all for now, bye.
I’ll tell you how I do in Weyauwega this weekend.
Love, Danielle

1/30/2008:  Hi Laurie,

I want to write to you and tell you how my race season is going so far. I saw you in Eagle River and I really missed you. I’m glad we got on TV. I did pretty good in Eagle River but it was so cold. I took a 4th in my final on the Freestlye and got to race in Friday Night Thunder. I took a first place in Plymouth against 11 other boys. I like to beat the boys cause it’s fun. I’m going to go race in Fountain City this weekend hope I do good there too. I like having you as a sponsor because your so nice. Snow Girls rule. I will write you again when I’m done racing this weekend.
I Love You,
Danielle Behn

1/19/2008 - Hey Laurie, good to see you in Eagle River, Wisconsin for the Eagle River Derby.  This weekend I competed in Friday Night Thunder and took 7th place out of 14 racers.  Today is Saturday and I will be competing in 2 races today.  I will update you with the results on Monday.


How's it going now that the snowmobiling race season has come to an end. Are you still as busy? I just wanted to update you on Danielle. She finally had her cast removed yesterday. Doctor says it could be up to 7 months before full recovery. Just in time for snowmobile racing. She's been competing in quads, not doing too bad. She's taken 3 consecutive 3rd places now. We're hoping now that the cast is off she'll be able to ride a little harder. She's looking forward to it. Two weeks ago a really nice article was written about her in the paper. Not really sure who put it in there, I'll be forwarding that to you as soon as we get everything from USSA. They took several pictures of her and had a write up about her for their book too. I want to send everything all at once if that's okay? Talk to you soon.


Updated February 2006

Hi Laurie,

How are you today? Just wanted to give you a little update on this weekend. Let me start by telling you that last weekend (Sunday) Danielle broke her right leg while trail riding with her Dad. She got hit by another sled when Dan tried to avoid hitting a sled that was stopped in the middle of the trail at the bottom of a hill. We had to go 20 miles after the accident in order to get help. I just want to mention how tough this little girl is.. she only cried at first then said , "just take me home so I can sleep, then I'll feel better". We got her to the hospital to find her tib/fib was broke. (we already knew it was because you could see the bone sticking out) She saw a orthopedic surgeon, has had it set and casted. She's been getting around in a wheelchair doing quite well and loving the attention and gifts she's been getting. Now for the amazing part!!! She was 23 points ahead of the next competitor in her class coming into this weekend. She knew she had to take a green flag on Sunday in order to even stay in the running for the points champ 4 years in a row. I'm pretty sure just about every driver and their crew members came to our trailer this weekend to sign her cast and tell her how disappointed they were that she would not be able to race anymore this year. she was a little depressed to say the least. Our mechanic fashioned a bracket for her to put her leg in so she could drive out to the track and take the green flag. She showed everyone because when they pulled the green flag she kept on going, she drove her butt off, and ended up taking 7th place out of 12.  When she was out there the announcer and everyone in the stands and side lines were cheering for her. When she finished the race she said she was going to surprise everyone and race broken leg and all. We were so proud of her. She is still ahead in points and that's all she cared about... we were just happy she didn't get hurt. One of our crew members tried to chase her down to stop her from racing but couldn't catch her, it was quite funny to watch. I'm sure it will be talked about on the internet this week, cause it's all they talked about for the rest of the day. She's really looking forward to Ontonogan in 2 weeks because she's sure she'll be able to do better yet!

Talk to you soon.