SG Racer -  Ashley Pasket
SnowGirl Sportswear
Sledbrand:  Ski - Doo

Class:  Pro Women

Hometown:  Chaska, MN

When was your first race?:  Rochester,MN 99/ 00

Full-time Job.:  Full time college student and being a new MOM

Years snowmobiling.:  My whole life. My first sled was a Kitty Cat which my parents bought for me when I was three.

Goals for this season.:  my personal goal besides attending as many races as possible for sno-x and hill-x & staying on my sled, getting no less than 3rd, leaving the season with out braking any bones and having lots fun.

Favorite course from last year.:  (sno-x) Canterbury & (hill-x) Duluth

Career highlights.:  Placing 2nd in end of year points for womens and dominating in womens hill-x cross and going to king of the hill.

Off season training regimen.:  In the off season I play league volleyball & softball .
Hobbies.:  Besides snowmobiling. In the summer my friends and I are out on our boats wakeboarding and kneeboarding. I also play volleyball, go 4-wheeling, dirt biking, party, chilin with friends and I like to travel.

Crew members:  Lance(dad) Pasket,Charlie Wickenhauser and whoever comes with for the weekend.

Funniest moment.:  The one moment I can think of is kind of dumb. It was at Jordan when I was racing against the boys, I came in third. I was so excited that when I hit the finish line I jumped off my sled in mid air (about 10ft or so) not even thinking how dumb it was .