Stephanie (Steph) Schmidt

Age:   13 years old
Years Racing:8 years
Sled Brand:                            Arctic Cat 2002 440Z  Sno-Pro.
Circuit:                                   WPSA Racing, USSA Racing
Bib #:                                      #189
Class:                                     Junior I (600 fan cooled)
Hometown:                           Crandon, WI
First Race:                             December 1998
Full Time Job:                       Student / Racer
Years snowmobiling:           9 years
2006 - 2007 goals:                 Become the best racer I can, drive safe, smart and have fun, I would like to win as many races as possible.

Favorite course from last year:    Lambeau Field, Green Bay

Off Season Training Regiment:   I play softball, drive watercraft, go bowling, swim, run,  drive four wheelers, and bicycle.  In general I am an outside person and enjoy being active.

Hobbies:                                More of the same listed above and playing my electric guitar and singing.  I also write poems and act in drama and theater.

Crew members:                   Shawn and Dawn Schmidt my mom and dad 

email me

1/30/2008:  yep....
@ mercer
Sport womens: 3rd in the final

@ derby.
Sport womens: 5th in the final
Pro am womes: 3rd in the final

i'll send you the photos on your e-mail.

thanks for coming to see taylor and I get our trophies, we too are estatic to have trophied at derby, but are also honored to have you as our sponser and our friend.


1/2008 - i am happy to report that Stephanie Schmidt took 3rd in Pro-Women's @ the Eagle River Derby this past weekend.  I was happy to attend the banquet where she received her trophy!  This was one our SNOWGIRL'S first major Win in SnoCross racing.  Stephanie Schmidt also sang the National Anthem in the opening cermony of the Derby!  Please join me in sending Taylor and Stephane emails showing our SnowGirl Support.

1/13/2008:  hope all is well see you at derby

11/25/2007: Here are some pictures of me, these are the only racing photos i have as of right now..but i'm going to look for my albumbs first chance i get. Also you i was talking to you about my off season. as many know, racing isn't just a sport, its like my whole life, but my whole summer beasicly revolves around my music and my friends. i threw in a couple photos of me singing, at lake of the torches, in Lac Du Flambeau, and some from my trip to indianna to the "Little Nashville Opry" i hope these pictures and this e-mail will be enough for a little while, or at least give me enough time to find the rest of my pictures.... i'm going to try to e-mail you and keep you updated on whats going on up here lol ....... alrighty then, i'll let you go ...thanks!!! keep in touch..

Merry Christmas.....kinda lol its almost here!!!